Chef's Dishes Chef's Dishes Shrimp Pad Thai 125011663 Scallop Lad Nah 125011664 Seafood Mi Korp Seafood Stir Fry over Crispy Noodles 125011665 Yum Beef also known as Tiger Tears or Beef Salad 125011666 Seafood Salad 126038684 Tofu Red Curry 126038685 Papaya Salad w/ Strawberries 126038686 General's Chicken Lightly battered pieces of chicken breast stir fried in our General's sauce with hot dried chili peppers with a side of steamed broccoli, egg-roll and steamed rice. 136407511 Yellow Curry or Red Curry 156253343 Basil Duck This dish serves up to four people. It is a special order and must be called in ahead. Roast Duck with a vegetable basil stir-fry. 136407512 Dynamite Scallops 156253344 Jumbo Prawn Grilled with chef's light olive oil seasoning... Lovely appetizer for seafood lovers who don't want any frying done.... 158764849 BBQ Short Ribs 164780843 Ginger Lobster 3 Lobster Tails Stir- Fried in Chef Tommy's Ginger sauce and sauteed with Chinese Brocolli... 174970349 Pad See Ew & Red Curry Fabulous!! 188347364 Crawfish absolutely wonderful!! 188669725